Foreign National Medical Personnel ,Afghanistan

Company:Guardian Medevac

Job Description
Foreign National Medical Personnel Needed

In an effort to support some upcoming clinical expansions, we are looking for Foreign National medical personnel to augment our existing pipeline of personnel. So please pass this onto any Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, etc that you may know who may be interested in working in Afghanistan. We are reviewing resumes at the moment and are open to a variety of skill sets within the medical field. Besides their primary medical skill set, candidates with strong English skills and the ability to demonstrate strong administrative competencies are highly desirable. Target nationalities are Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and former Soviet Bloc states.

Send Resumes to:
Geno Garsha
Country Director
Ph: (AFG) +93 (0)79.878.0134
Ph: (USA) +1.703.879.1983