Title: Paramedic

Must be an expatriate fluent in written and
spoken English. Must at least have held the rank
of corporal in an Infantry or medical Unit in the
US, Australia, UK, Canada, South Africa or New
Zealand for a period of not less than two years.

Must have previous experience as a PSD team
medic in the private security sector in the Middle
East or Central Asia for a period of not less than
one year. Shall be skilled in tactical combat
casualty care and or advanced trauma skills. He
must demonstrate skills relating to hostile
combatant environments or the equivalent of
such environments (for example a medic
operating in gang/militia-infested neighborhoods)
to include but not limited to the ability to call for
a medical evacuation, and the skill sets needed to
treat the casualty for several hours until more
definite medical care can be provided. Must be
able to train PSD team members in the basics of
medical support like the ABC principles.
Responsibilities will include support for camp
security, and PSD medical needs. Assist as health
and hygiene officer in base camps.