EMS Head Of Operations - Qatar

Employer: RasGas
Location: Qatar

To plan, coordinate, review, implement and manage fire, security and medical policies and procedures so that the RasGas site and other facilities are prepared to respond appropriately to any emergency incident to protect life, company assets and the environment.
Ensure EMS preparedness to respond to all emergencies through the effective maintenance of all fire appliances, security and medical equipment and the training of all EMS Operations staff in their use.
Carry out risk assessments for all RasGas current and venture sites and installations and prepare fire, security and medical emergency response plans accordingly.

• Plan, develop, implement and manage best practice fire, security and medical plans, policies and procedures so that EMS Operations Section personnel are able to respond appropriately, effectively and in a timely manner to all emergency situations at all RasGas facilities and other designated locations.
• Be a Level 2 Incident Commander, take decisions and provide all EMS support to recover and safeguard RasGas operations during a Level 2 emergency, manning the Emergency Response Centre Level 2 room as the EMS Department representative.
• Ensure EMS operations staff are trained and competent in fire, security and medical response capabilities.

• Ensure the EMS expertise in fire, security and medical capabilities is equally distributed among the operating shifts to enable a balanced response capability.
• Supervise and maintain the EMS shift functions and provide assistance in support of the staffing levels and the maintenance of morale and welfare.
• Conduct all onshore, offshore and offsite field emergency exercises to measure and assess response capability. Act as co-ordinator of the client Mutual Aid Scheme, with Qatar Gas, Civil Defence and Ras Laffan Industrial City as co- participants.
• Act as leader of emergency response teams and direct and control EMS shift crews during emergency incidents.
• Prepare, plan and communicate operational roles and responsibilities for EMS personnel during Level 1, 2 and 3 emergencies.
• Review existing RasGas emergency management procedures to ensure they reflect current site expansion and other developments.
• Stay informed as to relevant security skills and qualifications levels required by EMS Operations staff for effective performance, and circulate requirements and relevant information to the organization as appropriate.
• Oversee the preparation and implementation of comprehensive maintenance programs for all emergency equipment.
• Attend meetings of and coordinate fire, security and medical requirements with, Mutual Aid agencies. Assume a lead role in maintaining integrated emergency management responses between RasGas and all other involved Agencies.
• Prepare the section operating budgets to ensure all section programs and activities are appropriately funded. Monitor and decide on budget performance against approved levels on a monthly basis and investigate and reconcile any significant variances to ensure effective performance and cost control.
• Oversee contract administration and management of Department EMS project-related contracts, ensuring company policies and procedures are adhered to.
• Participate in RasGas Internal Quality Audits to ensure compliance with ISO and Client requirements.
• Assist with the development of Qatari graduates and plan and supervises their training programs whilst within the Section.
• Recruit, lead and develop EMS Operations Section personnel, providing ongoing coaching and mentoring to maximise their performance.
• Perform the duties of EMS Manager when required.
• Fire
 Keep abreast of latest developments in emergency management and fire fighting methodologies and develop/guide EMS shift supervisors and EMS officers accordingly.
 Provide guidance where appropriate to operational fire crews.
 Ensure regular fire equipment inspection programs are developed and implemented for both on and offshore facilities.
 Ensure a fire equipment readiness and maintenance strategy is in place. Conduct systems audits.
 Undertake fire risk assessment surveys at all Client facilities and other designated locations as required.
• Security
 Keep abreast of latest developments in security systems (Access Control Systems, CCTV, etc.) and develop EMS Operations Section policies and procedures accordingly.
 Prepare & co-ordinate emergency planning on security matters for the Client and work closely with a wide range of government agencies,
 Prepare comprehensive Security Plan to cover phases of both construction and operation, and advise on security and emergency response-related matters, for the Barzan Project. Remain involved to ensure EMS coverage is provided during the planning and construction activities.
 Undertake security risk assessment surveys at all Client facilities and other designated locations as required.
• Medical
 Undertake medical risk assessment surveys at all Client facilities and other designated locations as required.
 Ensure the provision of medical coverage to Common off plot, VTC and Venture Expansion projects including Trains 6 and 7.
 Oversee the activities of the first response ambulance unit, including the training of shift staff to OSHA standards to provide full paramedic capability, maintaining the shift in peak operational order and ensuring medical inventory levels are sufficient to meet emergency incident needs.
 Ensure there is appropriate coordination with Client and Hamad Hospital ambulance services on a regular basis.