Offshore Medic

Employer: Ensco
Location: Global

To provide medical and occupation health support for all personal onboard the installation.
Reports directly to the OIM.
1.    Responsible for own personal safety and the safety of co-workers.
2.    Subject to statutory limitations conduct examinations of patients to assess symptoms and carry out such treatment as may be immediately necessary.
3.    Take administrative control of medical treatment room, drugs and medicines including stock control.
4.    Assume initial medical control of any and all casualties and consult with medical support services as necessary.
5.    Advisor to OIM on domestic hygiene with particular attention to food storage, preparation and handling.
6.    Advisor to OIM on Occupation Health issues.
7.    Prepare, submit and file reports required under company policies and guidelines and by regulatory bodies.
8.    Carry out routine inspections and checks on all medical kits located on the installation.
9.    Conduct in-house first aid tuition for rig personnel as required by the OIM.
10.  Ensure best housekeeping standards in the medical treatment room at all times.
11.  Responsible for the operational effectiveness of all medical apparatus and appliances on the installation including preventative maintenance.
12.  Undertake duties of OIM's clerk as required.
13.  Assist Barge Engineer with maintenance of rig safety equipment.
14.  Perform safety checks on safety equipment.
15.  Follow corporate guidelines in the handling of accidents and report completion.
16.  Carry out other activities as directed by OIM, including but not limited to Hotel plan for arriving personnel, welcome onboard briefings, safety briefings etc.
17.  Attends training courses as required.


Have at least one years experience as an Offshore Medic.
In the absence of any offshore experience, should have minimum five years experience in an industrial location, general hospital or casualty unit.

Offshore Medical / Drug Screen
Medic Certification