Chief Nurse - Bahrain

Employer: Alkindi Hospital
Location: Manama - Bahrain
Education: Basic - Bachelor of Science(Nursing)
Nationality: Bahraini, Indian, British (UK)

Gender: Female
Job Description
Overseeing and coordinating the nursing department and its daily operations. The chief of nursing department also works to align the nursing staff with the mission, values and vision of the Hospital and ensure that patient-care, clinical and staffing standards are met and develop patient care programs and improve performance in nursing activities.
a. Duties & Responsibilities
Main Tasks
1. Plans programs, budgets, manage and controls the hospital wards and clinics Nursing Services provided for the Health Care Services.

2. Ensures and monitors the implementation of nursing care policies and standards.

3. Initiates periodic nursing care audits to ensure policies and standards are being met. Coordinates with medical staff to incorporate clinical standards for the development of a joint physician / nurse team approach to health care.

4. Continuously reviews and develops the organization structure needed to provide the required nursing care services in line with the requirements and programs of the Medical staff concerned, and the overall objectives of the Al Kindi Specialized Hospital for the effectiveness of the services.

5. Sets the performance standards for all nursing staff in Al Kindi Specialized Hospital.

6. Prepares budget requirement and monitor the utilization of the total resources allocated to nursing services such as manpower, equipment supplies.

7. Assesses the training needs of all nursing staff and prepares a plan for development that includes orientations, refresher courses, new procedures, infection control special procedures, theatres, intensive care.

8. Coordinates and supervises assignments, work scheduling and deployment of nursing staff to ensure optimum utilization. Exercises administrative control and final authority over all types of leaves, training, overtime, and working schedules for all the nursing staff under her responsibility.

9. Evaluates staff performance Reviews and makes recommendations for promotions, special training and disciplinary action.

10. Promotes and maintains harmonious relationships among nursing personnel and with medical staff, patients and public.

11. Plans and conducts conference and discussions with administrative and professional nursing staff to encourage participation in formulating and implementing departmental policies and procedures, promote initiative and solve problems.

12. Participates in several committees (Hospital Management coordination, Infection Control, quality Assurance, Budget Review, Training Coordination….).

13. Participates in the supervision and control of the off-duty behaviors of nursing staff and resolves public relations problems and complaints.

14. Assists in planning and commissioning new patient care facilities.
15. Continually assesses short and long term health system requirements with other professionals. Plans implements and review programs to best meet those needs within available financial and policy constraints. Maintains productive working communication with other elements of the health care system.

Al Kindi Specialised Hospital
Building 960, Road 3017, New Zinj 330. P.O Box 75685,
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel : +973 17 240 444
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