Medic - Angola

Employer: Transocean Offshore Deepwater Inc
Location: Luanda, Angola
Desired Expertise: Paramedic / Nurse
Experience: 3+ years

Minimum Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Reference Code: 2001239

Offshore Installation Manager
Functional report to the Division Medical Coordinator/Advisor

Prerequisites/ Qualifications:
Valid healthcare practitioner's license issued by the holder's national governing or licensing board acceptable to the Flag State maritime authority
Knowledge of local safety-related legislative and regulatory requirements
Valid medical examination and vaccination certificates
Basic computer skills

Basic Functions:
Provide medical care and primary first aid care in emergency cases to all personnel onboard the rig
Provide clerical/administrative support as required


Operate and maintain the rig's hospital, medical chest and other medically related equipment
Present and coordinate safety orientation session for all persons arriving on the rig for the first time
Provide trauma and medical care to injured and sick crew members
Maintain accurate medical records of personnel onboard; i.e. blood group, allergies, medical history, etc. Ensure that records accompany personnel in the event of a medical evacuation
Ensure serviceability of all hospital and emergency medical equipment and take immediate steps to rectify any deficiencies
Ensure good record keeping of medication and materials; check expiry dates and prepare requisition when required
Maintain accurate records of controlled/dangerous drugs; ensure the security of these drugs and submit updated record to the OIM on a monthly basis
Ensure cleanliness and housekeeping of hospital and associated areas
Advise supervisors and department heads on injuries and sicknesses involving members of their departments
Advise supervisors of the need for a medical emergency evacuation of injured/sick crewmember
Maintain strict confidentiality of all medical and clerical/administrative records under his/her care. Ensure that the data such as wages, employee addresses and telephone numbers are not released to unauthorized personnel
Liaise with local or international shore-based medical facilities as and when required
Incorporate the THINK planning process into all tasks, whether working alone or as part of a team
Participate in START Process
Call a Time Out for Safety (TOFS) whenever an unplanned hazard or a change in the expected results is observed
Carry out assigned duties in a safe manner according to Company policies and procedures
Demonstrate commitment to Company QHSE policies through leadership and guidance
Coordinate the weekly safety meetings and attend pre-tour meetings as required. Organize records of weekly attendance for safety meetings
Perform weekly hygiene and safety inspections of all accommodation, toilets, public bathrooms, cabins, storerooms, etc. Report deficiencies to supervisor
Conduct regular inspection and servicing of eye wash stations and first aid kits
Participate in all emergency drills and respond to emergency situations as designated on station bill
Assist, participate in and conduct safety and medical training as assigned by the OIM
Closely monitor all aspects of health and hygiene in catering facilities including freezers and refrigerated food storage
Advise supervisors on occupational health, hygiene, nutrition and other related matters
Act as Helicopter Landing Officer in the absence of a Bosun to coordinate the arrival/departure activities of the helideck

Meets the training requirements according to the applicable training matrix
Participate fully in the annual performance appraisal process
Check and update personnel T-Cards lists for all muster stations and life boat stations regularly to assure accuracy with POB list
Promote and maintain a good working relationship with other departments, third-party personnel and Client Representatives
Maintain discipline onboard and ensure compliance with Company disciplinary procedures
Maintain an up-to-date list of onboard personnel
Allocate accommodations to joining crews
Prepare timesheets for personnel onboard in accordance with payroll procedures
Ensure that personnel and airfreight are properly coordinated and manifested
Maintain files, logs, accounts and records as directed by supervisor

Note: The above is not a complete list of duties but a guide, as tasks and objectives can change depending on needs.

Employment Type: PERMANENT

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