Nurse - AFghanistan

Employer: French Medical Institute for Children
Location: Afghanistan
About French Medical Institute for Children
-French Medical Institute for Children in Kabul is an 86 bed pediatric surgery hospital built by the La
Chaine de L’Espoir NGO of France. It is a partnership between the Governments of Afghanistan and France. The French Medical Institute for Children provides modern pediatric surgery and will later offer obstetrics and neonatology services in order to contribute to the international effort to reduce maternal and infant mortality.

Job Summary
• Provides safe, competent individualized nursing care to patients with care needs ranging from basic to complex, including imparting patient/family education and support.
Duties and Responsibilities

• Assesses patient’s level of pain (subjective/objective) by utilizing standardized pain scales
• Assesses patient’s and family’s grieving stage and provides support accordingly
• Plans and prioritizes his / her work to provide best quality care according to patient’s need assessment
• Reports and contacts concern doctor / HN / on call team, incase of emergency or for any adverse outcome of treatment provided to patients.
• Plans break timings for her/ his shift staff.
• Plans health-teaching sessions for patients/ families according to their need assessment and learning.
• Explains & delivers care to patients as per doctor’s order and as per identified needs during assessment.
• Teaches different types of relaxation and divertional therapies to patient and family members
• Listens to patient’s needs and responds in a courteous and tactful manner.
• Helps family members to deal with patient’s end of life
• Conducts comprehensive discharge teaching for patient/family as required in the units
• Ensures patient and family compliance with treatment and health education.
• Evaluates outcome of care provided to patients.
• Must be regular and punctual on work with > 96% attendance.
• Keeps him/her self well groomed and observes the uniform code at all times.
• Ensures that information about patient will remain confidential.
• Presents a positive image of FMIC via professional appearance and behavior
• Knows, understands and abides by the policies of FMIC
• Demonstrate ability to manage unit on a single shift basis.
• Collaborates with co-workers to enhance teamwork.
• Shows willingness to work long hours & accepts on call duties when needed.
• Monitors patients with invasive monitoring for example arterial line / CVP, swan guaze catheter.
• Takes preoperative over of the patients.
• Does CVP site care and re-dressing

Candidates should possess:
• Graduate of an accredited Nursing Diploma Program
• Expresses commitment and excellence in nursing practice
• Readiness for new learning and challenges
• A good team player and contributes to team building good interpersonal skills.
• Positive attitude towards authority and accepts constructive criticism and tries to modify behavior as indicated.
• Ability to organize work load and identify priorities appropriately
• Ability to take prompt and appropriate action in emergency situations
• Ensure tact, empathy and a caring attitude when offering criticism to junior staff.
• Ability to communicate effectively and concisely both verbally ad in writing
• At least six months of related experience;
• Good communication skills in English.

Language(s) required English

Submission Guideline
Interested applicants should send their resume to the Human Resources Department, French Medical Institute for Children, Ali Abad, Behind Kabul University or email :
Please note that only short-listed candidates will be acknowledged.
CVs required to be covered with Application letter