Physician Assistant (PA) - Afghanistan

Employer: AEGIS
Location: Afghanistan
Job Code: A00026
# of Openings: 5

Rotation – 105/35
Position Description Summary:
The Physician Assistant will assist the Medical Officer in the treatment of minor injuries suffered during security operations and the stabilization and preparation for transport of injured personnel or personnel with sickness that warrants transfer to a higher level medical facility. The Physician Assistant will also ensure that medical kits supplied to all personnel and those medical kits provided by the contractor for placement in operational vehicles are maintained as to contents and serviceability.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Provide support to the Medical Officer
Ensure that all personnel are fit for duty (preventive and corrective medicine)
Treat minor/major injuries
Stabilize injured personnel or personnel with illnesses requiring transfer
Ensure that all personnel are supplied with medical kits prior to operations
Ensure that all medical equipment and perishables are update and maintained

Proven ability to interpret and carry out the prescription of the physician;
Effective patient engagement and care
Awareness of importance of protection of confidential data
Ability to economically use time, equipment and supplies
Dedication to safety and welfare of patients and other employees
Must be able to instill confidence in patients and personnel; determine proper procedures and methods and evaluate results
Must be able to make decisions on his/her own; adapt to emergency situations; be alert to changes in the patient's condition
A keen attention to detail
Familiarity with tools, techniques and procedures of emergency and trauma medicine
Prior experience in the military is preferred

Minimum Qualifications:
Have experience/knowledge in current Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines.
Trained and certified to current U.S. standards – recognized standards.
Five (5) years of experience working as a PA, with a majority of the experience being within an emergency room and/or in direct support of military operations
English language proficiency (minimum Level III)
Local language proficiency (as determined by the Task Order – minimum of Level III)
Upon hiring the Physician Assistant will be required to:
Attend the non-PSS training course
Obtain and maintain weapons qualification

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Aegis Defense Services LLC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.