Paramedic - Dubai

Recruiter:Parkhouse Bell Recruitment

A world renowned enterprise which specializes in the provision of safety, medical and training personnel to international locations such as the Middle East, North Sea and
hostile locations in Africa.
  • To provide immediate response to emergency medical calls to offer medical care to repair any physical or psychological trauma experienced by workers.
  • Must be caring and have highly developed communication skills. Must have an Associate’s Degree EMT-Paramedic, or any other relevant paramedic qualifications. Minimum of 3 years work experience is required

  • Description Description
    Your main duties will include:
    Providing rapid intervention and management in the event of emergencies, and the treatment for critically injured patients.
    Providing emergency medical care for workers covering a large range of onshore and offshore sectors.
    Being able to clearly and accurately communicate relevant information regarding patient condition.
    Providing support to colleagues, patients and their families in the event of traumatic situations.
    Being able to remain up to date with new medical, health and safety developments through continued forms of medical education.

    The ideal candidate:
    Must have successfully completed an Associate’s Degree EMT-Paramedic or any other paramedic qualifications from a reputable Medical school.
    Minimum 3 years of work experience
    Must be willing to relocate and work in the Middle East, North Sea and/or remote areas in Africa.

    Additional required skills:
    Must be caring and have highly developed communication skills.
    Must be able to remain calm, think clearly and act quickly in stressful situations.
    Must be able to work well in teams and be self-reliant.
    Must be able to follow instructions and guidelines.
    Must have a good level of health and physical fitness.
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