Paramedic Practitioner , Saudi Arabia

Employer: King Fahad Medical City
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Ref. JB3245231
Job Description
The Paramedic Practitioner is qualified in advanced pre-hospital emergency care and services by a competency-based
educational program of clinical, didactic, and practice.
Principle Duties
l. Reporting directly to the Team Leader and the Team Leader has to inform the Supervisor on duty for any needs and
problems that may arise.
2. Being prepared to respond in a timely manner to any emergency that may arise.

3. Making certain that the scene is safe and assists in the control of the activities at the scene (e.g., traffic or multiplecasualty
incident command).
4. Evaluating the patient and provide the appropriate level of emergency care. This includes recognizing the need for,
and requesting, specialized personnel to be sent to the scene (e.g. advanced life support personnel). Care and
assessment must be done with personal safety in mind.
5. Moving, free, and lift, the patient, disentanglement when required, and do so without causing additional injury to the
patient or to oneself. These procedures are also called disentanglement, extrication, and transfer.
6. Preparing and properly transfer patient to the ambulance.
7. Transporting the patient safely to the appropriate medical facility, providing the needed care and en route
communications and hand over the patient and patient information to the receiving medical staff at the medical
facility. This involves both an oral report to the receiving nurse or physician and completing the prehospital cdre
8. Completing any other records and reports, disinfect the ambulance, equipment, and oneself. To restock the vehicle,
and prepare yourselffor the next response.
g. Ensuring the highest quality prehospital care, compassion and understanding is given to every patient.
10. Maintaining to stock the ACLS vehicles and its contents in a state of readiness at all times. Maintains documentation
of the same.

Job Requirements
Educational Requirements
o Three (3) years Diploma in Paramedicine SciencesExperience
o One (1) year experience

o Considerable knowledge and skill in administering emergency medical procedures and techniques and maintenance and repair of rescue equipment.

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