Medic , Kazakstan

Employer: Nabors
Location: Kazakhstan
Desired Expertise:
Paramedic / Nurse 
Experience: 2+ years Minimum
Reference Code: 1500008Z

The rig Medic's prime responsibility is for the health and welfare of all personnel on-site and to operate the medical clinic in accordance with Nabors requirements.

• To provide emergency care for sick and injured personnel at site
• To provide routine care of non-emergency patients at site
• To fulfill and occupational health role at site

• Personally responsible for own safety and conducting ones self to the standards of Nabors Policies and Procedures
• Maintain the clinic, safely store and replenish medical supplies
• Maintain relevant medical protocols at site
• Provide first aid response to minor injuries
• Provide stabilization and pre-hospital emergency care for medevac cases and liaise with medical specialists as required
• Participate actively in safety program, particularly with regard to promoting personal health and fitness issues

• Be available for safety orientations for new personnel arriving at site
• Monitor occupational health performance
• Participate in emergency drills and respond to incipient or actual emergencies
• Conduct regular inspections of camp facilities and report on hygiene and related issues
• Conduct routine tests on potable water quality and advise Rig Manager of any trends in medical cases which could indicate food, water or air quality problems
• Keep records of all medical treatment undertaken on site
• Inspect weekly eye wash stations, first aid boxes etc.
• Bring to the attention of the Rig Manager any matters of concern in the field of occupational health and hygiene
• Participate in accident investigations and reporting as appropriate
• Be available for record keeping or administrative assistance as agreed
• If required, teach first aid & CPR classes and refreshers as requested by Rig Manager
• Be available to provide, with QHSE Advisor on site, SCBA and confined space orientations etc. as required
• Maintain own certification, professional knowledge and skill level

Line Managers: Rig Manager, Area QHSE Supervisor, Rig QHSE Advisor
Direct Reports: None
Key Relationships: Rig Manager, Toolpusher, QHSE Supervisor, Operators Rep., Camp Boss, Radio Operator (internal)
Medical professionals and specialists (external)
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