Offshore Rig Medic/Radio Operator

Recruiter:FPSO Ventures Sdn Bhd
Location:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Qualifications and Experience
Diploma in Medical Assistant
Certificate of Safety and Health Officer (NIOSH)
5 years in relevant position with Oil & Gas experience
MMA Certification – Paramedic
Certified Radio Operator for those without radio operator experience

Job Objectives
Plan, supervise and implement all health program and assist the FSO Master identify and implementation of offshore HSE activities. Enhance the healthy lifestyle to ensures HSE target are achieved.

Major Supporting Activities
Focal point of reference for any illness or injury that has occurred offshore.
Manage, treat and deal with emergency medical situation.
Assess and immediately treat any illness or injury arising offshore.
Liaise with onshore medical doctor for any medical assistance.
Implement the recommendations made by the onshore medical doctor as to the best treatment that can be provided offshore.
Stabilize ill or injured personnel before preparation for medical evacuation.
Keep accurate medical record of all cases seen and treated.
Keep accurate inventory of all medications and drugs stored and used offshore.
Responsible as advanced level First Aider (Medic).
As Damage Control Team (DCT) member Responsible as First Aid Team Leader during an emergency
In an emergency, the first aiders are part of the DCT to lead and supervise DCT First Aid Team members and transport the injured/casualty/s to the sick bay or a safe location for treatment.
Stand-by call for 24 hours.
Liaise with onshore Medical Officer (Doctor) on management of medical cases, when needed.
In the event of a CASEVAC / MEDEVAC, will arrange for reception and onward referral for evacuated cases from offshore / installation according to Medical Officer Instruction.
Minimizes the consequences of acute illness or injury occurring at the work place.
Daily inspection and testing of communication equipments such as :-
HF/VHF/UHF radio, failure of communication will effect the attire operation.
Telephone and Fax Machine, inform technical supports, vessel’s and platforms of any failure of telephone and hotlines.
Ensure all networks and link are operational.

NDB (ND.Beacon), in good proper condition for chopper guide during bad weather.
Booking incoming and out going personnel
The HLO is responsible for the control of all helicopter operations in relation to the Offshore Installation.
The HLO's main responsibility will be to exercise, through personal presence, immediate and effective control of the helicopter landing area and all personnel involved in helicopter operations.
It shall be the duty of the HLO to report to the OIM / MASTER any shortage in, replacements necessary for, or repairs required to the operational and emergency equipment associated with helicopter operation.

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