Rig Medic

Employer: Confidential
Location: International

Desired Expertise: Paramedic / Nurse, Certified Doctor with 3 years of relevant experience on the Rig
Experience: 5+ years
Minimum Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree

Job Description:
Minimum level of experience:
Certified doctor, Minimum 3 years relevant experience, with some on Rig
2-year Valid Medical exam certificate, endorsed with additional drug and alcohol test
Valid Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET) Certificate
Valid STCW 95 Medical Care Onboard Ship

Main duties:
The Medic will adhere to all Company Policies and Procedures.
Conduct ongoing surveillance of the offshore workforce and initiating appropriate responses on a strict not-to interfere with operational activities without involving appropriate senior rig management first.
The Medic will maintain rig hospital and work area medical stations to a continual high state of operational readiness to meet all minor and major medical response requirements. The Medical Officer will be fully familiar in the use and location of all medical equipment provided.
The Medic will review all medical advisories for the location of operations and provide additional medical communications to offshore installation personnel as reviewed and approved by the Company's designated onshore Medical Director.
The Medic will be responsible for preparing a medical emergency response plan to include defined injury response teams, defined triage locations, temporary mortuary,
communication systems to shore base, shore base medical support services, and medical provisions. Consideration for injury response team job responsibilities and regular auditing of the emergency response plan. Additionally, the Medic will prepare emergency medical drill scenarios and conduct periodic drills to fully test the systems of casualty handling, patient stabilization, and all rig evacuation services and procedures. Coordinate all drills with the Captain.

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