Rig Medics , Iraq

Employer: Weatherford
Location: South Iraq
Desired Expertise: Paramedic / Nurse, Rig Medic, Valid ATLS and ACLS are both essential
Experience: 5+ years

Weatherford's land drilling rigs business is in its journey towards becoming a standalone independent drilling contractor. Today we operate with a fleet of 115 rigs across 18 countries with 6200 people with an estimated revenue of USD 0.9 billion for 2014. With a relatively young fleet of rigs, we have our geographical presence spread across Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

We are looking for Rig Medics for the position in Iraq South. This is only applicable to candidates with valid ATLS and ACLS.

Job Summary:
Rig Medics are trained to provide the most extensive pre-hospital care. In addition to the skills already listed for advanced first aider, paramedics may administer drugs, interpret electrocardiograms (EKGs), and place a tube into the windpipe to help breathing, and use monitors and other complex equipment.


Holds current registration or license
Registered nursing/paramedic/medic/medical qualification in home country
Valid ATLS and ACLS certification.
Self reliant with the ability to work independently and as part of a team
Able to communicate clearly and effectively to all levels within an organisation and remain calm in emergency situations

Manage multiple acute and trauma events including stabilisation on site for up to 24 hours in collaboration with local medical provider or 'topside' medical support
Input into decisions on medical evacuations
Participate in emergency response exercises and major incident plans with emergency response/HSSE team at least quarterly

Maintain in date stock of medical consumables in compliance with legal and professional standards relating to storage, dispensing, administration and disposal of approved medications
Ensure correct maintenance of medical equipment and check function regularly
Maintain the clinic/hospital and triage area
Put clinical processes in place according to professional and legal standards
Maintain a professional profile
Keep up to date with industry and legislative competency standards

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