Field Medic

Employer: Olive Group
Location: Middle East

Job Code HC/JC/651/2015

Olive Group has recently been successful in winning a contract with UNOPS whereby we will provide professional and technical labour services in High Risk Areas (Initially Europe and Asia, although this could quickly expand to other areas -namely, Africa, Middle East, and Central and South America). We are seeking resumes/CVs from suitably qualified individuals for this position.

General description of duties:

The Field Medic will be based and will operate from project locations, which may be in remote and hazardous areas. The Field Medic shall be responsible for health, hygiene and proper medical care of the field based personnel.

Prepare a medical plan for the safety of all personnel in the field. The Medic will have a major input into related security and UN plans for emergencies including evacuations;
Ensure that all Personnel are trained in basic and advanced field first aid on a regular basis with frequencies not longer than six months;
Align all medical practices with the relevant guiding rules and regulations coming from formal medical legislation and UN directives;
Take part in training for emergency/crisis situations consistent with stated plans and procedures;
Provide additional training to security personnel, and other Personnel as can be accommodated;
Develop a working relationship with other organizations such as emergency hospitals, medical centres, etc to ensure timely treatment of the Personnel when and as required;
In conjunction with the community development sections, develop a public relations/community development medical assistance plan for the benefit of local communities whilst Project construction is moving through various areas;
Participate in patrol and convoy activities where movement is through high risk areas;
Undertake field medical tasks where death or injury may be sustained by Project Personnel due to malicious acts including IEDs, shootings, ambushes, etc;
Participate in authorized activities where an In-Extremis Support situation exists. Clearance to do this will be through the Project Manager or as stated in Project SOPs.
Perform other duties as assigned by the Project Manager or the Security Coordinator related to field environmental scenarios.

The Medic will report directly to the UNOPS Project Manager whereas daily tasking may be undertaken by the Security Coordinator. Status reports on training, health, and critical equipment and stores will be required as designated by the UNOPS Project Manager.

Masters or equivalent degree in Doctorate in Medicine; additional years of relevant work experience in combination with a relevant bachelor’s degree may substitute for the requirement for a master’s degree;
Residency in one of the medical specialties, preferably internal medicine/Infectious Diseases or related fields. Training and experience in tropical medicine is highly desirable.
At least 5 years of progressively responsible experience in clinical, after residency with some managerial experience.
Experience in management of a field medical station;

Sound experience and knowledge in:

o Routine maintenance of Personnel health and hygiene;

o Treatment of minor and major illnesses, sprains, cuts, abrasions, burns;

o Treatment of heat and cold illnesses;

o Treatment of major trauma injuries;

o Suturing;

o Use of S4 Drugs;

o Treatment of blast and gunshot injuries;

o Preparation and selection of correct patient field evacuation means;

o Commencement and maintenance of IV therapy;

o Maintenance of airways and introduction of artificial airways;

o CPR and EAR;

o Splinting of upper and lower limbs;

o Breaks;

o Amputations;

o Injuries sustained by mines

o Fluency in written and oral English;

o Ability to address publicly small and large groups of people;

o Excellent planning and organizational skills;

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