Employer: Fircroft 
Location: Trinidad/Tobago

The Role: 

• Supporting the implementation of the Company’s HSSE policies, programmes and procedures.
• Weekly galley audits, maintaining certificates, reports for galley, MOE and CAA inspections.
• First line response to emergency/medical and first aid cases in consultation with company’s Medical Officer.
• Responsible for rendering first aid and medical advice and as when required for facility personnel.
• Maintenance of the sick bay and medical stocks.
• Maintenance of the emergency grab bags.
• Identification of any occupational health and hygiene concerns. 
• Occupational health and hygiene inspections of on the platform, reporting to the OIM
• Conduct routine checks on medical equipment- defibrillator, blood pressure monitors, nebulizer etc.
• Maintains certification /registers for hand held radios, SCBA’s, gas monitors.
• Responsible for preventative maintenance on all emergency rescue aids, stretchers, SCBA’s, fire suits, blankets, smoke hoods
• Act as Helicopter Landing Officer for all helicopter operations.
• Scheduling of flights and seat allocations, personnel allocation of lifeboat seats and beds.
• Safety Inductions for new personnel and helicopter departure briefings.
• Coordinator for all vessel/helicopter movements, shipments of goods and personnel ground transportation. This includes the record keeping associated with cargo movements, IMDG, Manifests, ORN,CON and MSR’s sent and Received etc.;
• Filing of platform permits, records, reports, minutes and action logs.
• Member of Offshore Incident Management team, responsible for notice boards, station bill, T card rack, Personnel On Board and personnel bed allocation map.
• Preparation of Triage during an emergency to treat an Injured Person.
Essential Skills / Qualifications:
• Working experience in Medic position in an offshore, onshore environment.
• Working experience in HLO position with the certification