Hotel Nurse (Female)

Employer:  Crowne Plaza Doha - The Business Park
Location: Doha
Ref: DOH002250

Duties and Responsibilities

1. To attend to all colleagues medical needs.

2. To attend urgent hospitalization, doctor’s care etc. and accompany colleague
where possible or appropriate.

3. To ensure that adequate medicine and drugs are available in the Hotel/Accommodation
Clinic at all times.

4. To ensure that all Hotel/Accommodation First Aid boxes are replenished
in a timely manner at least once a month.

5. To assist Human Resources by keeping colleagues medical records.

6. To help facilitate medical examination of new colleagues.

7. To visit sick female and male colleagues in their rooms if required.

8. To be available at all times while on duty to attend to colleagues
medical needs.

9. Obtaining health cards for all colleagues.

10. To ensure proper maintenance of all medical equipment belonging to the
Hotel/Accommodation Clinic.

11. To ensure that the Hotel Clinic neat and tidy at all times.

12. To participate in Hotel Health & Safety and Fire Training Program
and respond to fire alarms real or drill.

13. To provide monthly and annually accident statistics for the Human Resources

14. Be a HACCP committee member and actively improve workplace in terms of
Health & Safety.

15. Ensure First Aiders are certified and conduct spot checks on their

16. To coordinate Food Handlers annual food hygiene certificates.

17. Obtaining Insurance cards for all senior colleagues & management
from the selected company.

18. Update health cards, health certificate & insurance cards on

19. Daily filing for colleagues medical records.

20. Coordinate with driver for transportation assistance.

21. Handling medical reimbursement for all colleagues.

22. Make a memo for health cards & food handlers’ fee.

23. Carry out Doctor’s orders.

24. Follow up documents in Hamad hospital and other affiliated hospitals.

25. To forward copy of sick leave report to concerned Heads of Department.

26. To liaise with government medical services in order to be informed of
the latest medical needs and developments within the country.

27. Organized health check, vaccination campaigns, blood donation drive for
all colleagues.

28. Arrange quotations for medical services as and when needed, or
replacement nurse.

29. Any other reasonable request by a member of the management team.

30. Cooperate with the company to achieve compliance with FLS

31. Make careful use of safety equipment, such as gloves,
goggles, aprons, overalls, shoes, and ensure they are properly stored after
use, report any damage to the supervisor.

32. Not undertake any activity which compromises their personal
FLS, or the FLS of others.

33. Report all accidents, dangerous occurrences, or hazards, no
matter how minor, to the supervisor or Heads of Department.

34. Coordinate with Qatar Red Crescent in conducting First Aid
Training Certified Courses to staff.


1. Comply with Hotel Rules and Regulations and
provisions contained in the Employment Handbook

2. Comply with Company Grooming Standards at all
times to portray a professional image of self and the hotel.

3. Comply with Time and Attendance Policies set
by the hotel.

4. Actively participate in training and
development programs and maximize opportunities for self-development

5. Demonstrate understanding and awareness of
all policies and procedures relating to Health, Hygiene and Fire Life Safety

6. Familiarize yourself with emergency and
evacuation procedures

7. Ensure all security incidents, accidents and
near misses are always logged in a timely manner and brought to the attention
of the Line Manager

8. Comply with the Company’s Corporate Code of

9. Familiarize self with the company values
(Great Hotels Guests Love) and model desired behaviors (Winning Ways, Room to
be Yourself) and ways of working (IHG Wheel).

10. Perform all tasks as directed by the Manager
in pursuit of the achievement of business goals