Registered Nurse

Employer: CTG Global
Location: Kabul , Afghanistan
Closing date: 30 Apr 2017

Overview of position:

RFI Medical - Vision:
To embrace the company vision of efficient skill mix, patient-centric care and patient empowerment, and to promote this vision actively to colleagues and the clients at every opportunity.
To recognize and adhere to company objectives and to collaborate with other members of the management team and company employees to deliver these objectives.
To lead by example and inspire others with RFI core values and vision for the present and future, highlighting to individuals and the team the benefits of new ways of working.
According to the needs of the patient, to assess, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate the primary care services provided.
To be aware of and implement RFI medial current and future policies and procedures and participate in the development of new policies and procedures as required.

Role objectives:

Personal Clinical Responsibilities:
To provide the full range of Primary Medical Services to all patients registered to all
govt., non-govt. NGO, commercial and temporary residents and patients presenting immediate necessary treatment including clinical examination, diagnosis, treatment and referral as appropriate to include DoD, DoS work place physicals and medical escorts when required.

Expected output:
To maintain confidentiality, while communicating patient information, in such a way that preserves the dignity and privacy of the patient and the patient’s family and caregivers.

· To be personally accountable for professional and ethical actions and practices within a legal and ethical framework that adheres to international, US (CENTCOM) standards requirements and local policies and procedures.
To work in a non-judgmental anti-discriminatory way, with regard to the cultural and religious beliefs of individuals and groups.
To ensure that prior to any course of action involving individuals/groups, their informed consent or other valid authority has been obtained.
To promote and maintain optimum health of the registered patient population of the company by identifying, planning and undertaking specific health promotional activities with identified individuals and target groups in order to improve their health and facilitate further service development.
To establish, develop and maintain appropriate systems for the management of patients with long-term conditions. To support, direct and manage the allocated quality and outcomes framework team, ensuring delivery on specified performance elements.
To ensure that record-keeping is managed through the creation and maintenance of concise, contemporaneous computerized records, and that all care is recorded accurately and in a timely fashion.
To interpret and explain complex facts in relation to a patient’s condition, taking appropriate action and giving advice in a professional manner to team members, and when appropriate to family and other caregivers, in such a way that protects and preserves the patient’s dignity.
To be responsible for appropriate referrals, ongoing support for the patient, family/caregiver and the co-ordination of other services.
To provide additional services and enhanced services within the post holder’s clinical competence.
To maintain clinical competence and exercise awareness of professional responsibilities by reading current relevant literature and by taking opportunities for personal and professional development.
To use evidence-based practice to develop and maintain high quality clinically effective and cost-effective primary care.
To participate in annual appraisal and, when implemented.
To assess and diagnose across a wide range of primary health care conditions, order investigations, plan and provide treatment as needed and discharge patients.
To assess, tolerate and manage risk and deal with uncertainty.
To prescribe in accordance with regulations and with the post holder’s training and registration as applicable under international, US Law.
To undertake screening procedures.
To provide telephone consultations as required.
To demonstrate critical thinking and diagnostic reasoning skills in clinical decision-making.
To ensure the accurate completion of all necessary documentation associated with health care and practice administration.
To collaborate with other health professionals and agencies as appropriate, liaising and communicating effectively with medical, voluntary and statutory agencies as necessary.
To be able to work with people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds, and people with disabilities and learning difficulties, and to be able to communicate with them (and, when necessary, their caregivers) appropriately to facilitate their care and understanding of their care within the service.
To manage one’s own clinical responsibilities and to act as consultant to other clinical staff.
To read incoming mail and indicate what data need specific recording with the appropriate read code.
To record in the medical record why investigations are being undertaken.
To analyze the results and record in the medical record actions required.
To liaise effectively with all other disciplines and to forge effective links with primary, secondary and tertiary care to ensure effective communication.
To undertake professional development as agreed with RFI medical.

Skill Mix:
To work flexibly and proactively with the full clinical and administrative team with a view to deliver optimal use of skill mix and exemplary standards of patient access and care.
To assist the development of a model of primary care triage.
To participate in and provide clinical supervision as required.
To support newly recruited first contact nurses, practice nurses, health care assistants and medical students if required.

Patient Communications:
To ensure that the patient fully understands how to make the best and most appropriate use of the company’s services.
To educate the patient on the service model and to encourage the patient to recognize the greater and quicker range of options now available. This will be achieved through timely consultations and through assisting the company in social marketing campaigns, including proactive contributions to literature and scripts for Customer Services Officers.
To recognize cultural, religious, disability and gender issues in communication style, content, media and language when communicating with patients.
To empower patients to improve their self-care. To promote and facilitate a healthy lifestyle and to provide preventative health care and health education including self-care.
To promote health initiatives (e.g. influenza vaccination, cervical cytology screening, etc.) actively to patients, both during consultations and through liaison with administrative staff on promotional techniques.
To conduct consultations in a clear, concise and timely manner.

To participate in team meetings and other meetings as required.
To complete medical reports as instructed by the company.
To adhere to HR policies, including having responsibility for accident/incident reporting.
To participate in research within the practice, as appropriate.
To contribute to the accurate collection of statistical information.
To undertake and participate in clinical audit.
To participate in regular educational sessions as part of RFI medical internal training.

Weekly hours as agreed.
To participate in a clinical rota that embraces extended hours actual start/finish times to be worked in accordance with the published roster, this will include early, late and some weekend working and emergency hours if required.

Job Environment:
Physical effort:
Within this role there may be requirements to exert moderate physical effort for short periods of time e.g. moving and handling, lifting scales and supporting patients from couches.

Mental effort:
Good concentration is required when frequently dealing with unpredictable changes in patients’ condition’s, appointments and the requirements of meeting deadlines.

Emotional effort:
The post holder will need the ability to interact tactfully and sensitively with chronically sick or disabled patients.

Working conditions:
Kabul, Afghanistan is still considered a hostile environment therefore when accepting the role you should be aware of the environment to include extreme heat, cold and insurgent activities. In addition to the above statement, the post holder may occasionally be exposed to unpleasant or hazardous working conditions such as face-to-face aggressive behavior by patients or their relatives or caregivers or exposure to body fluids.

Project reporting:

This role reports to the General Practitioner.

Key competencies:
Working within a multi- disciplinary team.

· 5 years’ experience in international general practice.
Knowledge of workplace physicals US CENTCOM Standards.
Experiencing of undertaking audit in general practice.
Working in specialist clinical areas.
Use electronic clinical systems used in clinics.
RGN/RMN and currently registered.
Commitment to developing professional practice and skills.
Evidence of continuing professional development.
Educated to Diploma/Degree level or working towards this.
Excellent patient manner and interpersonal skills.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Good computer skills with the ability to adapt.
Aware of the importance of continuing professional development.
Awareness of current primary care initiatives.
Experience of health promotion.
Experience of working within a primary health care team.
Able to effectively manage personal and work related pressures.
Experience of leading and developing health services at a local level.

Team management:

This role does not have team management responsibility.

Further information:

To be advised.


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