Medical Coordinator

Employer: HumaniTerra International
Location: Bangladesh.
Closing date: 31 May 2018


HOPE Foundation is a medical humanitarian organization working in Bangladesh.

Since September 2017 HOPE is taking action to provide medical care to the FDMN. HOPE has been working in Bangladesh since 1999, and has an immediate opening for MEDICAL DOCTORS in Ukhia (Coxs Bazar District) at HOPE Field Hospital for Women.

HumaniTerra International (HTI) is a non-governmental organization specialized in surgery. Its mission is to provide surgical assistance to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged populations, and more generally to improve access to surgical care in the contexts where this mission is needed. It can also engage in advocacy. Since its creation in 1998, more than 800 professionals have committed to carry out this mission.

2.Keys responsibilities:**

We are looking for a Medical Director who can lead the project, monitor and improve the level of care we provide. Candidate should be experienced in management role.

Provide outpatient and/or inpatient medical care to patients/beneficiaries according to adapted and updated medical knowledge, UN-HOPE protocols, values and universal hygiene standards to improve the patients/beneficiaries health conditions.

He / she ensures the hospital runs efficiently and makes the most of available resources.

3.Posting details:

·Collaborate with the medical board to update, amend, and replace medical policies.

·Manage the team of Physicians and ensure that employees are complying with the organization policies when providing care.

·Work directly with providers to educate them on our care process and determine what can be done to improve overall care quality.

·Act as the medical expert in dealings with other agencies and non-medical staff that work within the organization.

·Create work groups, trainings and leadership committees that are designed to improve patient care and enhance relationships with providers.

·Lead development of vision and annual goals and effectively communicate / engage practice staff.

·Contribute to development and implementation of standards of practice.

·Work to address the challenges facing the Rohingya Community with a positive attitude, encouraging same from other physicians.

·Organize practice management team to ensure effective / efficient management.

·Leads regular informational and participatory practice team meetings.

·Ensure accurate and timely communication of relevant information to practice physician and staff.

·Develop relationships with HOPE Foundation Leaders and participate in meetings as necessary to stay informed of changes.

·Prepare / present annual practice report to HOPEs and HTI President and Country Director.

Quality of Care: Oversee and assess medical care provided by the practice in order to maintain and promote the very highest quality of care:

Ensure that appropriate systems, essential for the ongoing review, analysis and evaluation of the quality and safety of clinical care are in place.

Monitor and ensure medical staff compliance with the regulations.

Ensure that all medical care evaluation and utilization management functions are performed.

Oversee hiring and performance of all individuals who interface with patients.

Develop / implement policies and procedures that guide and support the provision of clinical services within the practice.

Report to Country Director any matters that adversely affect the quality of care provided by the practice.

Participate in Health Sector meetings with other agencies.

Continuous Improvement:

Create workplace structure / support for continuous improvement, with particular emphasis on engaging MDs in activities to meet practice goals.

Codify changes into new standard operating processes, once demonstrated to be successful.

Personnel Management/Staffing:

Physician and Nurses/Midwives Staff

-Recruit, hire, and orient new staff.

-Oversee the clinical staff work, vacation, teaching and call schedules – optimize staffing.

Financial Management:

-Check and control the rational distribution of medicines and equipment under his/her responsibility and take care the quality, disinfection and sterilization of the medical material. Assure general compliance with standing hygiene standards.

·Participate in the collection and analysis of epidemiological data, checking its validity and informing the Country Director & President about any problem or complication appears.

·Knows and ensures that all UN- HOPE medical protocols are followed and implemented, checking universal precautions are followed at all times and reducing bio-hazard risks and improving infection control.

·Ensures professional confidentiality is respected.

4.Qualifications and experience required:


-Graduate of an accredited medical school.


-Work experience: At least 15 years of work experience in clinical work and management position.

5. Skills and competences:

-Good coordination skills and ability to cope with stress.

-Ability to work independently as well as part of a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team.

-Ability to work in a rural setting.

-Demonstrated leadership skills.

-Excellent communication skills.

-Problem-solving ability essential.

-Able to work flexible schedules.


-Excellent knowledge of spoken English.

-French is an asset

Computer skills: Word, Excel


Please send resume and cover letter to
Expect salary
3 references

Before the 31st May 2018