Nurse Ebola Treatment Center (ETC)

Employer: Médicos del mundo - ONG y servicios sociales
Location: Sierra Leone
Development of the projects currently implemented in Sierra Leone, ensuring
appropriateness of actions in respect of Médicos del Mundo (MdM) policies and of the identifications already made.

Job Summary:
The nurse provides care to the patients, attends to their needs, and ensures they are comfortable. S/he records and communicates information regarding the evolution of the patients.

Sierra Leone, at Moyamba MDM ETC.

The successful candidate will be part of the Humanitarian Action - Ebola Unit and will refer to the Medical Coordinator of the ETC.

• Nurse is aware of the risks involved in working in the ETC
• Nurse follows all regulations concerning infection control and protective measures.
Non-adherence to the safety regulations can result in immediate dismissal.
• Takes the vital signs at least once per shift and records in the patient file.
• Gives treatment at the appropriate time as prescribed by the doctor.
• Calls the doctor on duty if any medical problem arises.
• Ensures that each patient always has ORS or plain water for rehydration.
• Assists patients in taking fluid as required or as prescribed by the doctor.
• Ensures that the patients are comfortable.
• Ensures that the patients and their bedding are clean.
• Assists the patients with bathing and personal hygiene.
• Informs the supervisor of the burial team when a patient dies.
• Assists with the doctor’s ward rounds, and records the necessary medical information.
• Makes a detailed report at the end of the shift in the report book.
• Records new patients in the admission book, and completes other data forms as required.
• Attends and participates in the weekly meeting.
• Informs the surveillance team of the general condition of the patients (to inform the relatives at home).
• Ensures that the items for admission are in place before each admission.
• Explains the rules of the VHF Treatment Unit to all new patients, and their relatives.
• Provides the necessary protective gear to the relative and ensures that they are familiar with the rules of the VHF Treatment unit.

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