Paramedic/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) III – Off Shore

Employer:Beacon Occupational Health and Safety
Location: Offshore
These positions are based on offshore vessels in the Chukchi Sea supporting a drilling operation. The medic/EMT III will be solo in very remote locations providing urgent / emergent care.
The offsite physician back up support is in Anchorage. Medical transport will be via search and rescue helicopter with onboard support teams.

Remote Medic will assess, treat, and coordinate transport for patients to higher-level medical providers, commonly in the form of a clinic or hospital. Invasive care may include advanced airways, IV therapy, medications and defibrillation.

Essential Job Functions:

Duties include primary healthcare, emergency medical response, first aid training and promotion of lifestyle issues including fitness and healthy eating. The successful candidate will also be responsible for health and hygiene inspections and advising on other safety issues, in addition to general administration and computer based reporting.

Primary responsibilities:
  • Assesses the safety and hazards at the scene of an emergency.
  • Controls the hazards at an emergency scene.
  • Determines the nature and extent of illness or injury present and establishes the priorities for emergency care.
  • Under the direct or indirect supervision of a physician, treats injuries or illness using advanced life support techniques and medications; these may include:
    • airway management with endotracheal tubes or cricothyroidotomy,
    • intravenous therapy, heart monitoring with an Electrocardiographic (ECG) device
    • defibrillation
    • synchronized cardioversion
    • administration of any type of parenterally, orally, or topically approved medication or solution
    • needle chest decompression
    • gastric and oral/tracheal suctioning
      • All Basic Life Support techniques of the EMT-1.
  • Extricates patients from entrapment.
  • Provides special rescue services where trained in those specific areas.
  • Performs triaging of patients and management of mass casualty situations.
  • Lifts and moves patients.
  • Utilizes specialized communication equipment to consult with physicians and/or notify hospitals of patient's condition.
  • Completes detailed documentation on patient care and transport.
  • Understands and uses appropriate state and federal regulations pertaining to EMS, confined space, hazardous materials, incident command system, blood borne pathogens, airborne pathogens, and controlled substances.
  • Reports verbally to receiving Physician as to the patient's condition and interventions performed.
  • Maintains the condition of the emergency response vehicle, aircraft, or vessel.
  • Maintains, cleans, and restocks emergency supplies and equipment.
  • Supports vessel HSE requirements
Job Requirements - Education and Training:
  • Current State License/Certification
  • Current BLS and ACLS certification
  • 3-5 years' experience as practicing Paramedic/EMT III
  • Previous remote site or pre-hospital experience is preferred
  • Past Current experience working on vessels in an offshore environment preferred
  • Working history in the arctic a plus
  • No sea sickness history
  • Offshore survival and safety training (Cold Water) - HUET/BOISET preferred
  • TWIC card
  • HSE experience not required but a strong plus

This position will work a rotational shift of four weeks on / four weeks off.

Required Job Qualifications:

  • Do you possess a current state license/certification?
  •    Send your application to
  • Do you possess a current BLS and ACLS certification?
  • Do you have 3-5 years of experience as a practicing Paramedic/EMT III?
  • Do you possess a TWIC card?
  • Do you have a history of getting sea sick?
  • Do you posess a valid drivers license?