EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)

Employer: Ziqitza Gulf Medical Response & Ambulance Services
A private Ambulance company in Dubai is looking for EMTs having min 3 yrs of experience in
emergency medical service in an ambulance service company or a hospital. Candidates should be fluent in English, Hindi and knowledge of Arabic will be an added advantage. The job description is as follows: -

1- Administers proper pre-hospital treatment to the patient at the scene and enroute to the hospital
2- Provides appropriate treatment for control of hemorrhage and shock as well as CPR if required.
3- Provides assistance to the Paramedic by having the knowledge and ability to set up the heart monitor, IV lines/supplies, and equipment
4-Take advice from the Physician whenever required during any transfers
5- Maintains ambulance in operable and safe condition, which includes cleanliness, orderliness and restocking of equipment and supplies.
6- Patient stabilization
7-Maintains both vehicles and duty stations in a state of order, adhering to safety regulations, sanitation and housekeeping regulations.
8-Assures vehicles are completely stocked with available supplies and that equipments are in good working order, both before and after an ambulance call
9- Completes patient care forms and other documents required by the organisation and licensing authority as may be necessary on all or specific ambulance calls and file it correctly
10- Follow the clinical practice guidelines approved by the licensing authority as it is without any kind of deviation
11- Attends continuing education and refresher training programs as required by DCAS.

 How To Apply:
Email:  hr@zgmras.com