Paramedic/emt (emergency Medical Technician)

Employer: Ziqitza Health Care Ltd
Location(s) United Arab Emirates
Job Description
The EMTs job function is to transport sick and injured persons by ambulance in a manner conducive to their safety and comfort and to administer prehospital care and treatment till proper hospital treatment. Administers proper pre-hospital treatment to the patient at the scene and en route to the hospitalProvides appropriate treatment for control of hemorrhage and shock as well as CPR if required.Provides assistance
to the Paramedic by having the knowledge and ability to set up the heart monitor, IV lines/supplies, and intubation equipmentMaintains ambulance in operable and safe condition, which includes cleanliness, orderliness and restocking of equipment and supplies.Patient stabilizationMedical record documentation Maintains both vehicles and duty stations in a state of order, adhering to safety regulations, sanitation and housekeeping regulations.Assures vehicles are completely stocked with available supplies and that equipment is in good working order, both before and after an ambulance callCompletes patient care forms as may be necessary on all ambulance callsAttends continuing education and refresher training programs as required by DCAS.The candidate should have:License from Dubai Health Care AgencyCalm and Composure in critical situationProperly groomed and hygiene consisesDisplay tact and sympathy in dealing with a wide variety of patients and family memberDisplay initiative and judgment in transporting patients, administering Prehospital care 

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Company Name:Ziqitza Health Care Ltd