Program Director

Recruiter: Trek Medics International
Location: Rural Emergency Medical Service (EMS), Monte Cristí province, Dominican Republic

Trek Medics International is an early-stage, health tech, non-profit organization (501c3-registered) looking for a highly productive Program Director with the ability to lead and coordinate the execution and expansion of a community-based emergency medical service in a rural province in the Dominican Republic.

Trek Medics improves emergency medical systems in developing countries where access to
emergency care and transport is unreliable. Working with local communities, we leverage existing resources to strengthen informal emergency medical services through training, transportation, communications and sustainability. The successful candidate will have a unique opportunity to coordinate the expansion of a pioneering EMS system funded through grants from USAID and other reputable international technology companies. Trek Medics’ culture values respect, teamwork, collaboration and perseverance in achieving leading-edge global health innovation balanced with cultural relevance.

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