Hospital Medical Director Amman- Jordan H/F

Employer:  Médecins Sans Frontières
Location: Amman Jordan
Closing date: 17 Jul 2016

Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian, organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. MSF offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.

Médecins sans Frontières seeks for its field position:

Hospital Medical Director Amman- Jordan H/F

Context of the mission:

MSF France is running since 2006 a comprehensive reconstructive surgery program for victims of conflicts from neighbouring countries in Amman, Jordan. These activities include transfer of patients from their country of origin, surgery (plastic, orthopaedics and maxillo-facial), physiotherapy, psycho-social care and food & accommodation.

The project is located in Al Mowasah Hospital, 148 beds, 8 floors; 200-250 patients present including hotels and flats

There are approximately 60 IPD admissions and 800 consultations per month, around 220 patients in Amman at the same time.

Main objectives and responsibilities of the position:

The Medical Director (MD) is the overall responsible for the quality and smooth functioning of all medical care for all patients in the project, including those residing within the hospital, in private accommodations and in the rehabilitation centre.

The Medical Director participates actively in defining all medical care strategies, and is responsible for ensuring the best quality of medical care for patients. He/she has the authority to implement the decisions made by the management team and to ensure that hospital policies and standard procedures are followed.

The Medical Director is an active member of the “Directors Committee” chaired by the Hospital Director and including Nursing Care Director, Logistics Director, Finance Director and HR Director. S/he is involved in decision making processes, and forms the medical managerial core of the project, together with Hospital Director, closely collaborating with all managerial positions.

The Medical Director is the overall responsible for defining, planning and monitoring medical activities and programs in the hospital in accordance with MSF protocols as well as coordinate human and material related resources needed in order to ensure the quality of care provided by MSF.

Main tasks of this position:

Coordination and communication:

In collaboration with the Hospital Director, the rest of the managerial team and the Medical Coordinator, defines, implements and monitors medical activities according to project medical plan, standards and protocols. This implies the following:

Be responsible for medical data collection, analysis and reporting to the Medical Coordinator, to ensure a proper monitoring of the program.

Participate in the development of the project policy, annual plan, project proposal, budget review and project reports.

Ensure regular contacts with other local medical actors.

Monitor activity in the different medical specialities, as well as providing technical support to medical personnel in the field through self-knowledge and policies to help MSF medical activities in the field. In this sense, includes monitoring and ensuring compliance with the protocols of MSF medical activities.

Supervise an efficient management of the MSF hospital pharmacy and medical equipment, in conjunction with the Logistics department, and monitor consumption follow-up and preparation of drug orders to avoid stock shortages and provide drugs at all circumstances. Also consider program directions and protocol changes.

Implement the MSF health policy in order to ensure hospital staff’s safety, providing all prophylactic and preventive measures.

Ensure, in cooperation with the logistics department, that the departments have the material and technical logistics support needed in order to ensure the quality of medical activities planned.

Actively participate in identifying objective and recommendation for the development and adaptation of the project in collaboration with the Hospital Director.

Works closely with the Network project to coordinate the admission and discharge of all patients in the project.

Ensure the collaboration and communication between all the departments for a better comprehensive care of the patients in a multi-disciplinary approach.

Ensure proper patients follow up according to the dash board and indicators of the project in close collaboration with patient flow manager and Nursing care director.

Coordinate and organise the weekly follow up meeting with the involved team.

Clinical supervision:**

Acts as liaison between all medical, paramedical and support services working in all the departments of the hospital.

Coordinate and supervise the implementation of the healthcare protocols, procedures and standards.

Routinely assess the different departments to provide technical support for all medical personnel, to ensure the quality of medical activities in the health structure.

Ensure that all protocols, security and asepsis rules are followed by the medical personnel.

Ensure all the activities are performed properly in physio and psycho departments and anticipate in the implementation of project objectives with the close collaboration of department managers.

Ensure the quality, relevant and appropriate procedures of medical prescriptions are in place with the close collaboration of Pharma manager.

Validate and ensure the relevancy of all external prescriptions, consultation and diagnostic tests.

Ensure and oversee infection control standards and protocols are respected in all departments.

Work with close collaboration with the Medical activity manager to monitor the appropriate prescription, use of the Antibiotics and ensure proper follow up and procedure for the complicated medical cases.

Active participation on the patients transfer to external medical structures.

Ensure the necessary standards are implemented in the prevention and control of nosocomial infection in all departments.

Management of Medical staff :

Coordinate, supervise, coach and support medical team members’ performance to improve the medical components of the project and ensure compliance with MSF protocols and standards.

Plan and supervise, in close collaboration with the Project Coordinator and HR department, the associated processes (recruitment, training, induction, performance evaluation, development and internal / external communication) of the medical staff of the project in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required, to improve staff capabilities.

Anticipate and ensure the appropriate staffing and knowledge required for the proper functioning of the medical activities in the hospital.

Supervise and follow MSF health policy for all staff including sick leaves.

Analysis and reporting:**

Gather relevant data and statistics of the medical departments and analyse.

Based on the data analysis make observation and recommendation in close collaboration of the Hospital Director and Medical Coordinator.

Communicate with the relevant departments for the improvement of the function and quality of the medical activities.

Job requirements:


Medical Doctor, degree in Medicine required.

Advanced degree of management a plus.


Field missions with MSF in a management position a plus.

Outside MSF: at least 3 years’ experience in hospital management a plus.

To be experienced in the management of war-wounded and/or surgical ward and have proven leadership and management skills.


Fluent English (oral and written) required

Arabic/ French an asset

Skills and competencies:Planning capabilities, reporting capability, organizational skills,

Problem solving, multi-tasking, personnel and project management, delegation skills,

Communication skills, negotiation skills, diplomacy interpersonal skills,

Computer skills (Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint required)

Multi-cultural flexibility, calm, stress management, patient, ,

Maintains confidentiality, strong sense of integrity.


Field based position

Possibility for family position

MSF field contract and compensation.

Fixed-term contract of 12 months with possibility to extend


Kindly send your application (letter of interest and CV) to:
until July 17, 2016

Only selected candidates will be contacted